Dogs vs. Cats Challenge – Results

Thank you for your votes to the Dogs vs. Cats Challenge: Who Has More Pull? I’m sure you will able to relate to most of these answers!

27 Votes
6 Votes

We had 3 people that voted for BOTH – but one said they voted for the dog and another said they voted for the cat.

  • I say both! I love my cats and dogs equally. I voted dogs because I had to!
  • Why do you have to pick one? I have always had both and have loved them as long as they were in by life and mourned the passing of each.
  •  I have both dogs and a cat and they do have their different personalities for sure. But I love them all the same. No pull either way. I just wish my cat would let me snuggle her more, ha ha! (Just to add I had to chose the dog or cat for it to let me submit my answer. I chose cat just to answer it, but if there was an “it’s a tie button” that’s what I would a have chosen. But otherwise no pull either way, my dogs and cat are equal)

There were 6 people who were straight up CAT lovers.
  • Cats are the perfect pet! Virtually self-sufficient yet still lovable companions.
  • A cat just knows what you need from them and without question provides it. There is nothing more calming than when my little girl looks at me from across the room and runs right to my lap and purrs, pops my forehead and then curls up and falls asleep. Instant bliss!
  • They are self-sufficient to a degree.. they are super sassy, independent beings.
  • My cats love attention but are so cute and are very random and funny at times.
  • Cats rule, dogs drool!
  • More chill, less outside interactions like fleas and ticks, and more soft and cuddly! Less stinky too.
But the highest vote count was for DOGS – 27 (3 voted but did not comment)
  • Unconditional love and support. On TBE lookout for a Pitt or Pitt mixed puppies lost my Pitt in March.
  • There is no feeling in the world like opening your front door and having your dog on the other side waiting anxiously to love you. Even if you only went downstairs to do laundry. When you come back it like you have been gone forever.
  • Provide multiple helpful services.
  • I recently lost my dad and he was the one person who was truly my best friend, I have had many days I didn’t want to get out of bed but because I have my dogs they gave me a reason and they knew I was sad and would just sit with me, dogs are just pure love, they can sense how you’re feeling and love you know matter what.
  • Dogs have a personality. They are more loveable too.
  • Dogs are better companion animals. They sense emotions in a way that I can never explain. They are there for you in your time of need. They need me as much as I need them (we are both rather needy!)
  • I just love my dogs, they’re more affectionate. I love my cats too don’t get me wrong, but something about dogs being with you all the time and the cuddles makes my heart full.
  • Dogs live for your love – they are sooooo loyal!
  • Dogs pull at everyone’s heartstrings because they are lovable, affectionate, and a man and women’s best friend!!!!
  • They are the most loyal and loving.
  • Most dogs are loyal to the end no matter what!
  • Dogs are devoted and love to interact with the people they love. Also, they can be trained.
  • Only because I have had dogs my entire life but within the past 10 years, I have two cats and two dogs My dogs act like cats and my cats act like dogs it is so amazing they are the best animals ever, ever, and they play so well together The cats and the dogs as well I am so blessed.
  • I love my dogs. I adopted a senior dog, Ozzie, a few years ago. He is one of the most devoted dogs I have ever adopted.
  • Love both but dogs are so much more cuddly. 😍😂
  • Dogs give you their attention all the time, not just when they are in the mood. They can also go many places with you – store, friend’s house, for a walk.
  • Dogs give us love all the time. Cats are more on their schedule though they are awesome.
  • Dogs tell better jokes.
  • They have a way to know when something just isn’t right and they love you unconditionally.
  • I like dogs always had one and cats are sneaky
  • I feel more at ease, calm and comfortable with a dog. Can’t go wrong with a doggie best friend.
  • I grew up with dogs. In 2000 I had the opportunity to adopt two chi-yorkies (sisters) and they were my babies until Peanut passed away in 2014 and Maya in 2015. I also adopted Cinnamon and Safari in 2014. Safari passed in 2017. Then we adopted Marlee in 2018 from Orphans of the Storm. I did have a cat years ago, but had to rehome him because my landlord was going to kick me out. Dogs make a house a home. And life so much more joyful.
  • Dogs keep you going when you’re at rock bottom. They still need you to care for them, play with them, and love on them even when you’re struggling to feel those things for yourself or the rest of the world. Dogs are the best!
  • I have both cats and dogs, but the dogs just feel my heart more… I think.
  • They are entertaining and loving and so funny sometimes. They’ll be your best friend forever.
  • I love dogs because they always love you back. They are best my best friends.
  • I love all animals but I tend to connect more with dogs and they are always happy to see me, my cats couldn’t care less 😉
So, why did DOGS win so overwhelmingly?
So, why did DOGS win so overwhelmingly? Could be:

  • More dog people than cat people saw the challenge?
  • More dog people than cat people look at the Orphans of the Storm website?
  • Cat people are as elusive as cats?

It’s all been fun to see what people think about their pets. But I’ll bet, everyone who is reading this feels the same way about their DOG and/or CAT.