Three Easy Ways to Check On Your Cat’s Health: Poop 101

We want our cat to be happy and healthy.  But how do we really know that she is healthy?  Most animals are masters at hiding illness.  In the wild, a sick animal will be shunned from the pack or killed.  So our pets, still having that attribute in their DNA, don’t show us illness.

Here’s a quick way to check on her.  It’s fairly easy for us to watch for signs of illness by looking at our cat’s poop. Yep, poop.  Well, we always see it when cleaning the litterbox, so why not really look at it as one way to check on her health.

Good poop is brown and firm.  We hope to just see this.  But if this isn’t what you are seeing, check this out:

  1. If the poop is watery or diarrhea
    • Your cat may have eaten harmful substances such as some foods or plants.
    • Your cat may have become infested with parasites, such as worms.
    • Your cat could have food allergies or have eaten foods that they just can’t digest well, like milk.
    • Your cat could be showing symptoms of illness such as cancer, digestive problems, or hyperthyroidism.
    • Stress in a daily routine is a frequent cause of in upsetting cats.
  1. Bad smelling poop
    • If your cat’s poop smell is really overpowering, it’s time for a call to the vet.
  1. Blood in the poop
    • Blood is usually caused by constipation and can be stopped by increasing your cat’s fluids, having your cat exercise more, and adding more fiber to your cat’s diet.
    • If there is a lot of blood, contact your vet immediately.

Since we’re talking about cat poop, we should mention the issue of cats not using their litter box.  The mystery begins…  Here are some things to consider in why they miss the box (on purpose).

      • If a cat is going close to the box but not in it, she knows that she is supposed to use the box, and she wants to, but it’s just not right for her.
      • Cats like to have their own litter box, so you will probably do best if each cat has its own box – in a separate area from the other cat(s).
      • Cats want a clean litter box. If it’s not clean, they don’t want to step in it!
      • Sometimes cats don’t like the brand of litter that you chose. They have their own brand preference, and if you want them to use it, go with their choice.
      • Cats don’t want to have their litter box in the middle of the family madness. They like their privacy.
      • Cats need a box that is comfortable for them. Big enough that they can move around in it.  Easy to get in and out of, especially if they have aches and pains as they get older.

These should give you some easy pointers in following not only your cat’s health, but also their peculiarities (and they have many).


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